In the name of love…

A few months back… a call

I quote ” Kreeti, I think I found the love of my life, he is the one i was waiting for.  You know he is ditto like me, knows my whims, understands my moods. I met his sister, she is very nice and accepted me with open arms.  You know my past doesn’t bother him” I unquote.

One week back…an email

I quote “Guys, bad news, I broke up with him, seems there was nothing common between us” I unquote

Love, the oft used expression of a mistaken emotion and the worlds greatest spoof.

I was happy for this friend of mine, she has gone through a lot in her life and when I say lot I mean it. Her anguish, her pain, her hurt, both physical and mental.  She married the guy she ‘loved’ and suddenly one day it all fell apart.

No, this is not an autobiography of her life, I can’t sum it all in this little page but yes I feel for that girl and like any other good friend and well wisher, I want the best for her.

She needed somebody, she felt the need of that warmth after what happened and most people term that as a Rebound, agree it is, but then what about the feelings? Is it such a cold world we are living in? All she wanted was a little respite, is it too much to ask for.  Or people take this situation for granted?

I know she liked this guy and she was looking forward to probably a few nice moments before she actually take the big plunge…has she asked for too much? We all deserve a breath of fresh air and she is no different.All I question here is, is it really love what we feel for someone or is it mere gratitude?

When I said I love you I meant it but it just takes a fraction of second and a little ripple of misunderstanding to question that feeling. Are we lying in the name of love?

Are we day dreaming? Does love really exist?

Put that thought aside, what is love?  Something which the greeting card company cash on?  Or is it just a heady phase one must go through, hit the head hard on the wall and then nurse the bump till someone comes along and nurses it for you…  

Burning so bright but still so fast,
Will it burn out or will it last,
This love feels so right,
So are you ready for this