Mr. & Mrs. Sharma


There’s so much people do to increase visibility of a product…no no I am not getting into marketing and branding gyan, just sharing something I found to be utterly amusing.Me and my husband decided to indulge into some good cinema, though we have atleast zillion of DVDs and VCDs lying at home but still thought of ‘scavenging’ through the dvd rentals around our residential colony.Landed at some “Hi-Tec DVD rentals’ and lo! found a movie titled Mr. & Mrs. Sharma, the hindi version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. 

I want to salute the brain which translates these English titles, this is creativity of some supreme level, probably Ben Hur will be ‘chal mere ghode tak-bak-tak’ or something like that.

The translated names do sound ridiculous but the grey matter behind those names really deserve an applause, its not easy to sell a Die Hard to a hindi speaking nation, it has to be something much closer to the heart like Khatron ke Khiladi.Now on my list is Amriki Gunda [American gangster] and Mere bete ka inteqaam [There will be blood]

Happy watching [to me]!


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Necessary Evil: The BRT corridor 

Hello to the world, meet the new ‘wannabe’ mutineer -)

So what is this BRT, simply means Bus Rapid Transit, a set of roads elevated to form a pathway for HCBS, High Capacity Bus Systems.

Since its inception in 2005 and the laying of foundation stone in October 2006, it has claimed 4 lives from October 2007 to Februry 2008.  Not an encouraging fact to build a landmark on.

The decision behind the BRT project is the upcoming commonwealth games which saddi dilli is hosting in 2010.

The corridor is built on the entire stretch from Ambedkar Nagar to Delhi Gate.

Since the construction started it has managed to kill 4 motorcyclists. Only due to its poor planning.  The geneva based Internationa Road Federation [IRF] has expressed concern at the safety and feasibility of this corridor and called for its immediate stalling.  I quote “The HCBS project in Delhi is the first project in the world which has been started without a detailed project report–something that is virtually unheard for a big project,’’said IRF Vice-Chairman K K Kapila, in a statement issued here, on the occasion of The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. I unquote.

But then again it takes two to tango, why heck these motorcyclist drive when they know that they had a couple of drink or two.  When will they realize that their nervous system is as normal like anyone elses and it takes no more than 20 mins for the alcohol to ‘kick’. We all want to be kings and the queens of our respective world but not in the cost of our lives!

If Delhi BRT corridor is the latest killer on the roads then who stops us from being careful.

The entire road stretch, where the project is being implemented in South Delhi, has only four lanes (two on both sides), one lane on both sides is fully being dedicated to the HCBS while the lakhs of motorists and two wheeler users commuting daily on this stretch have been given a raw deal as only one lane on both sides is dedicated to them, which I agree is a bottleneck for the thousands of commuters who stay in that area.  One plea to the promoters/builders of this corridor, think on the lines of DMRC [Delhi Metro Rail Corp] they have tried to sustain the peace for daily commuters.

I think the basic fact is; delhites in general give into road rash than following traffic rules.  What if you will get home half an hour or to a maximum of one hour late but think of the fact that you will be alive.  If delhi is going through a metamorphosis think on these lines that its for your own good, commuting will be easier on the roads and probably one day you stop driving altogether and make use of these convenient systems.  As the oft used english proverb goes “better late than never” only a couple of years patience is all delhi is asking.

Safety first than to be sorry later, still reiterating, BRT corridor walo DMRC bhaiyon se baat karo and learn.  If dilliwalas are looking forward to crazy traffic jams and agreeing to bear with it for a couple of years more then you are responsible to make it easy for them and not bask in some comfort zone thinking dilliwalas behaved themselves.

Ab jago!

That empty feeling

there was once as princess…

and she still is, trust me yes she is.

She walks on cloud, her very own cloud and believes that this world is her playground. 

Then she woke up one morning, exactly at 3.12am and realized she was not able to breathe, she tried but the lungs just wont fill up with oxygen, she tried to cry for help but no words escaped her lips.  just the noise of her world crumbling all around her, yes her world was falling apart.

She held her mother in her arms for the last time and her mother smiled and closed her eyes forever.

the dream is gone
but the night went on
I dont want to open my eyes
For all I do is only cry

I miss you ma, a little too much than yesterday and little too less that tomorrow. 


A glance, of trust

A feeling thats must

A word, spoken million times

Its meaning, mistaken billion times

Blood rushing up ones face

Numbness in ones gaze

Touch turning the tide

Life becomes carousel ride

I put a question mark

Let the answer be my spark


Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Empower me, just once

I want to kick the remaining dirt in your eyes

Empower me, once more

I want to stomp on the earth and loosen my worldly ties

Empower me, yes again

I want to scream my victory

Empower me, again and again

I want to tell the world that it’s not easy

Wake me up from my sleep

Tell me it’s a bad dream

Keep your hand on my head

Ask me not to scream

Take me in your arms, again

Make me open my eyes

Hold me once more

And I will forget all your lies