An Untold Saga

The stranger sighed
and asked the girl to rise
The stranger listened
as the girl cried

The girl now have a shoulder
Her friend, the stranger
painted her world
with one loving smile

The stranger was gone
The girl tried to live on
Then she realized
The stranger was her song

Though the stranger never believed
He kept drifting apart
The girl kept her promise
with her song in her heart

The stranger faced walls
Thought he saw life
But was defeated
And tormented with lies

The girl turned around to leave
Held the stranger’s hand
Said her goodbye
And she was gone

The stranger called her name
His smile said it all
But she was perplexed
And feared this is the end

He held her very close
And said the three words
and for the first time in her life
She gave the words a nod

Hence its been six years since
They created their world
Carved their own sun and moon
with their own sweat and blood


The stranger and the girl
Still holding hands
Still singing the same song
and still going strong

The stranger is her man
The girl his woman
Their world has its little hells
But its their heaven…