Mission Patli Kamar

Disclaimer: Name suggested by Snigdha, the writer has nothing to do with it, she only need to lose some 10kilos. Sigh!

Folks, Men (in our lives) and rest..lend me your ear

Me, Sanju Snigdha & Vinu Baba has decided to embark on a turbulent journey called “Mission Patli Kamar”…wonder why Vinu Baba wants curves…anyways after a hiatus of some 100 years, here we are…all geared up, socks pulled up and trainers on…treadmill ahoy!

The kick:

1. All of a sudden the size ‘M’ on clothes means fight of the underarm and the fabric in the trial room
2. Gracefully keeping our arms (crossed) on our bulging tummies while sitting with a group
3. Plethora of Kakimas and Kakus pinching your cheek and giggling
4. The mirror playing pranks with your once pretty a*&
5. More Sigh!!
6. You think twice before waving someone at the distance wearing cut-sleeves

Its back to the gym and pumping some irons to get that dream shape back (well almost!) and telling the world, IT FEELS GOOD TO BE THE SUPER LOSER!!!  No more hiding your tummy and shying away from that tight-tee, we have to lose weight and we will.

We will yet again prance on the grass wearing that white dress a la bippy basu  or will proudly show our midriffs or Sanju will make curtains out of her hathi tent skirts…and yes wave to anyone and everyone…ah! lovely

All the best guys and Vinu Baba get ready to get those “glances” from boys the next time you (prance not walk) on MG Road.

As of now…ARE YOU THE SUPER LOSER contest is open…

Updates soon…

Roll on..oops! pump on guys



Back from the front

Missed me love?
Loved me more?
More is the pain
Pain is me

Left for nothing
Nothing is lost
Lost as I am
I am is me

Went away to look
Look for more
More is my tears
Tears are me

Of Crackling Popcorn and Big Names

DISCLAIMER: This post is meant only for wholesome mind stimulation. If my post hurt any of the feminine/house-wifely sentiment then its a home run for the writer

And the blabber-er begins…  

After a good rest and a couple of good nights sleep and yes of-course rangon ka tyohaar, here I am at my blabbering best [purely my presumption] and my grey cells are churning a thought “Whats with the polybags/paper packets of a branded showroom/shop” 

You can question why this thought why not a teeny weeny insight about growing population of mosquitoes and the diminishing power of your trusted mosquito repellent, surely a post when the blabber-er-o-mania strikes again.

Back to plastic ke packets…ever wondered why you save the poly-bags from a Nalli or Fab India or that new jazzy showroom in the posh locality than the packets which make that strange sound of crackling popcorn in a dungeon with ‘Cheap Cloth Store’ printed on them?  Because these poor crackling popcorn are only meant for storing garbage or the last minute grocery shopping.

A thought dawns, why the love for a good poly bag with a biggie’s name printed on it?
1.  Because people who see us carrying these will think “hey these dolts can manage shopping here”
2.  Wow!
3.  Inducing jealousy amongst neighbours [read mrs. malhotras, pinky ki mummy, ritu, geetas and etcs..]
4.  God only knows

The best part is the storing places for these poly bags, they can generally be found
1.  Under your mattress, to save the sparkle
2.  Neatly folded and kept in a bigger poly bag [the crackling ones, oh yes another usage!]

Now amongst these ‘lower middle class polybags’ and ‘upper middle class poly bags’ lies a ‘middle middle class polybag’, viz. Shoppers’ Stop, Westside and you get the flow…the ones which crackles little but carrying them gives a loud message to geetas, ramas etcs…yes madam ji we too go to malls on the weekends!  Hence you will witness a deliberate usage on a Monday, for carrying sabji-bhaji from the sabji wala bhaiya.

Another ‘strata’ is of the fetish for the Duty Free Bags…which are carried wonly and wonly by a certain section called Mrs. Malhotras of this world and meant for a silent scream assi bhi phoren-shoren jande hai!  No matter they got this bag from their innumerous mami jis/mausi jis living in so called phoren-shoren [read, London oh yes! and dubai-shubai],  and have been used to carry those $1 worth of nail paints, the flaunting never ceases, so what after a few months they resemble the crackling ones but till a little blotch of duty free is peaking from here and there; jai ho! to the usage.

Now the flip-side…if your bag belongs to ‘kapoor di hatti’ of dariba kalan and doesn’t crackle but sparkles, chances are they will be used for storing a bag of ‘Kalpana’ of South Extension

So from the next time if you see the various mothers and wives and behens neatly folding a poly-bag and you get a nagging thought in your brain and feel like lashing out the big Q why the heck you spending so much time folding it…you know!


Happy Women’s Day

You call me an enigma
You think nothing can describe me
You say we can’t understand you
You always think I am a dilemma


I think you are a supreme fool
I think you have never tried to understand me
I think you probably try sometime
I think you always feel you are here to rule


The togetherness dissolve sometimes
You say I am the only one who compromise
If I stand up to walk away
Your brain starts churning the words to play


I tell you are weak without me
I ask you to kneel down before me
I command you to feel the pain I go through
Only once you use your heart to see


I am nothing without you
You agitate me as much as I do
I will always ask
Why dawn always melt into dusk

I am a woman because you make me one
In this battlefield called life, without you I couldn’t have won
You say you like me with all my complexities
But I say I look up to you because of all your audacities… 

Mr. & Mrs. Sharma


There’s so much people do to increase visibility of a product…no no I am not getting into marketing and branding gyan, just sharing something I found to be utterly amusing.Me and my husband decided to indulge into some good cinema, though we have atleast zillion of DVDs and VCDs lying at home but still thought of ‘scavenging’ through the dvd rentals around our residential colony.Landed at some “Hi-Tec DVD rentals’ and lo! found a movie titled Mr. & Mrs. Sharma, the hindi version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. 

I want to salute the brain which translates these English titles, this is creativity of some supreme level, probably Ben Hur will be ‘chal mere ghode tak-bak-tak’ or something like that.

The translated names do sound ridiculous but the grey matter behind those names really deserve an applause, its not easy to sell a Die Hard to a hindi speaking nation, it has to be something much closer to the heart like Khatron ke Khiladi.Now on my list is Amriki Gunda [American gangster] and Mere bete ka inteqaam [There will be blood]

Happy watching [to me]!

That empty feeling

there was once as princess…

and she still is, trust me yes she is.

She walks on cloud, her very own cloud and believes that this world is her playground. 

Then she woke up one morning, exactly at 3.12am and realized she was not able to breathe, she tried but the lungs just wont fill up with oxygen, she tried to cry for help but no words escaped her lips.  just the noise of her world crumbling all around her, yes her world was falling apart.

She held her mother in her arms for the last time and her mother smiled and closed her eyes forever.

the dream is gone
but the night went on
I dont want to open my eyes
For all I do is only cry

I miss you ma, a little too much than yesterday and little too less that tomorrow. 


A glance, of trust

A feeling thats must

A word, spoken million times

Its meaning, mistaken billion times

Blood rushing up ones face

Numbness in ones gaze

Touch turning the tide

Life becomes carousel ride

I put a question mark

Let the answer be my spark


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