A New Summer – Part 1

Sparkling white and smelling nice
our new summer

A thought so bright and oh so right
our new summer

The little flutter, the beat of relief
our lives turning a new leaf
our new summer

The dream of pink & your lullaby
the strength that we both derive
and our little world will now thrive
on our new summer

Your hand on the forehead
and that peaceful sleep
you and me forever
with our new summer


For MJ

You brought me back here
You told me to write
You are gone forever
And we salute your awesome might

You defined music
You wrote with your heart
You sang it for the world
You made Pop an art

When the world accused you
You took everything in your stride
You taught the world humility
And today the world cried

MJ, you will live in our hearts
Till we breathe our last
And hope we see you again my lad
And you give us another Bad

You and Me Mum

Remember the black mark mum?
Remember all those times?
You and me mum 
With all that dirt and grime

The bloated ego and the fight
Crying and those endless nights
You and me mum
And your suggestions of wrong and right

That feeling of darkness enveloping us
That claustrophobia
You and me mum
And all that nausea

The crawling under the shadows
The denials
You and me mum
And all those turbulence and trials

57 days of silence
And a telephone bill of 15,000
You and me mum
And finding ways for all this to end

The fallacy of making love
The doubt thereafter
You and me mum
And all the vodka and laughter

The dawning truth
The realization
You and me mum
And the satisfaction

I love you
With all my heart
You and me mum
Till death do us ‘part