Mission Patli Kamar

Disclaimer: Name suggested by Snigdha, the writer has nothing to do with it, she only need to lose some 10kilos. Sigh!

Folks, Men (in our lives) and rest..lend me your ear

Me, Sanju Snigdha & Vinu Baba has decided to embark on a turbulent journey called “Mission Patli Kamar”…wonder why Vinu Baba wants curves…anyways after a hiatus of some 100 years, here we are…all geared up, socks pulled up and trainers on…treadmill ahoy!

The kick:

1. All of a sudden the size ‘M’ on clothes means fight of the underarm and the fabric in the trial room
2. Gracefully keeping our arms (crossed) on our bulging tummies while sitting with a group
3. Plethora of Kakimas and Kakus pinching your cheek and giggling
4. The mirror playing pranks with your once pretty a*&
5. More Sigh!!
6. You think twice before waving someone at the distance wearing cut-sleeves

Its back to the gym and pumping some irons to get that dream shape back (well almost!) and telling the world, IT FEELS GOOD TO BE THE SUPER LOSER!!!  No more hiding your tummy and shying away from that tight-tee, we have to lose weight and we will.

We will yet again prance on the grass wearing that white dress a la bippy basu  or will proudly show our midriffs or Sanju will make curtains out of her hathi tent skirts…and yes wave to anyone and everyone…ah! lovely

All the best guys and Vinu Baba get ready to get those “glances” from boys the next time you (prance not walk) on MG Road.

As of now…ARE YOU THE SUPER LOSER contest is open…

Updates soon…

Roll on..oops! pump on guys